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  • Art gallery is open!

    Art gallery is open!

    Hello everyone! I’m writing today to share some news. After meaning to do so for a while, I’ve finally had the time to create a small art gallery/portfolio, which compiles some of my favorite illustrations and pixel-art pieces I’ve made over the years! You can find it in the top menu or by visiting this…

  • Recovering my monster designs (2002-2017)

    Recovering my monster designs (2002-2017)

    Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a great April! I was personally able to get some days of vacation, which allowed me to (finally) tackle a project that I’d been looking forward to for the past year: recovering, organizing and digitizing all of my old monster designs and drawings. This might seem simple… just scan…

  • Orosynthe devlog: Color palette

    Orosynthe devlog: Color palette

    Hello, everyone! Time has flown by and August is nearing its end. Phew! I hope you enjoyed your holidays, if you had any, and that it isn’t unbearably hot or unbearably cold where you live. After so much research and documentation, I feel like doing something different, so today I’m going to go over the…

  • Orosynthe devlog: References are important, even in fantasy

    Orosynthe devlog: References are important, even in fantasy

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a nice August so far. Personally I’ll be working through all of it and won’t stop until next year (the joys of freelance life!) but I already had some rest a few months ago, so I’m not complaining. 😉 Also, for now I have more than enough free time…