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pingudroid’s Monster Collection


(last updated: 31st October 2022)

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Hi! Welcome to the terms of use of the “Monster Collection” assets! If you wish to use any assets in this series, available on my page, please read these terms carefully. There are three different licenses available:

  1. Standard license, if you purchased any of the assets on
  2. Fan art license, if you don’t own the “Monster Collection” assets but want to make fan art of them.
  3. Demo license, if you downloaded a free “Monster Collection” asset demo from but haven’t purchased a standard license.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these terms of use, feel free to message me on or send me an e-mail ( and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


By downloading and using my assets, you are agreeing to these terms of use. A copy of them should be included with the assets that you downloaded; I encourage you to always keep a local copy.

The terms of use might change over time, as I add more details that I may have missed at first. If you’re using my assets, I recommend that you check my website every once in a while to get the latest version of the license. However, when in doubt, you can always defer to the version of the license that you got when you first purchased the assets.

WARNING: I do not allow my designs and assets to be used in anything that is even tangentially related to NFTs, cryptocurrency, the metaverse, web3, etc. You’re not allowed to use them to make NFTs, and you also cannot use them in NFT games, as part of a campaign in pro-NFT media, or in anything NFT or crypto-related at all. This restriction applies to all licenses (“standard license”, “fan art license” and “demo license”).


If you purchase one of my “Monster Collection” assets on, you’ll own a standard license to it. With a standard license, you’ll be granted the following rights:

  • The right to use the included monster assets and designs in the following kinds of media:
    • Videogames.
    • Board and card games (even if printed).
    • Game manuals, guides and art books (even if printed) that are directly related to games that make use of these assets.
    • Online streams, videos and “let’s plays” of games that make use of these assets.

(For other media not included in this list, like merchandising, books and comic books that aren’t directly game-related, animation, etc., please contact me first, as we’d need to negotiate a custom license)

  • The right to use these assets and monster designs in both commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • The right to use the monsters as many times as you wish in as many projects as you want, without needing to purchase the license again.
  • The right to edit the included assets to fit your project, and create or commission derivative works based on the included assets and designs.
  • The right to showcase the included assets and designs in your social media, website, etc. for exhibition purposes related to the project that you’re using them in (for example, a marketing campaign for a videogame project).

Under the following conditions:

  • You must credit me (pingudroid) visibly in any project that makes use of my assets and/or designs, and cannot claim them as your own.
  • You aren’t allowed to redistribute or resell the included assets and designs “as is”: they must be part of a bigger relevant product, such as a game.
  • You cannot use any of the included designs and assets in a trademark or service mark.
  • You cannot transfer, gift or resell the rights to your license: they’re tied to your person.
  • If you edit the included assets, or create or commission derivative works based on them, these derivative works will fall under the same terms as the original assets (that is: you must credit me, you cannot redistribute or resell them on their own, etc.). 
  • If you use the included assets and designs, or derivative works of them, you must make a reasonable effort to discourage or deter users from downloading or ripping them (in the case of webpages, for example, don’t upload the original raw files in full quality; in the case of games, encrypt them so people can’t easily access the source files of the graphics, etc.). Consequently, you cannot include the assets in game engine releases and/or open-source projects.
  • If you’re working on a team, even if only one of the team members owns a license, you’re all granted the rights of the standard license: that is, you can share the license temporarily, for that project only. However, the team member in question must have contributed something else that is relevant to the project, apart from owning this license. 

(I’m adding this clause to prevent people from abusing the license. Just be reasonable. If you’re not sure, contact me!)


Even if you don’t purchase a standard license, I’m granting you the following limited rights (“fan art license”), which applies to everyone:

  • You can make fan art (sprites, illustrations, fanfic, etc.) inspired by my monster designs.
  • You can distribute this fan art in social media, your personal site, include it in your portfolio, etc.

Under the following conditions:

  • Any fan art you make must be made from scratch, not an edit of my assets (if you wish to use or edit my assets, you need to purchase a standard license).
  • The fan art must be strictly noncommercial.
  • The fan art you make is for exhibition only and cannot be used as part of any kind of derivative media (games, videos, etc.). If you wish to use my designs and assets, or any derivations of them, in the creation of media, you must first own a standard license.


All assets found in the “free demo” versions of my monster asset packs fall under the following terms and conditions:

  • These assets can be freely downloaded by anyone.
  • If you download them, the same rights and conditions will apply to you as if you had purchased the asset (see the “standard license” section), but limited only to the assets found in the “free demo”.
  • All limitations apply too, so please don’t redistribute these assets or claim them as your own, and DON’T use them in NFT-related projects.