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  • Music gallery is open! + New Youtube channel

    Music gallery is open! + New Youtube channel

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a nice month. As you’ve probably seen if you follow my Twitter, I recently got COVID, but fortunately it hasn’t been severe and I’m already recovering! So let’s get back to creating stuff 💪 Today I’m writing to share a couple of music-related news. First of all, I just…

  • Art gallery is open!

    Art gallery is open!

    Hello everyone! I’m writing today to share some news. After meaning to do so for a while, I’ve finally had the time to create a small art gallery/portfolio, which compiles some of my favorite illustrations and pixel-art pieces I’ve made over the years! You can find it in the top menu or by visiting this…

  • Hi! A little introduction

    Hi! A little introduction

    Hi! Welcome to my new shiny WordPress blog! Thanks so much for your visit. I go by the name Pingudroid. I’m a multipotentialite queer weirdo who loves Game Boys and penguins and bad romance stories. You may know me for my chiptune music, or perhaps for my monster designs, my pixel-art, or maybe my Godot…